More money. Less hassle.

Automate your administrative work, quoting, design, and deliveries with Model Reno


Why use Model Reno

At Model Reno, we put contractors first. Automating everything from finding jobs to product deliveries, allowing you to do what you do best - renovate


Book more projects automatically

Spend less time quoting, and more time renovating with our automated quoting tool, and our dedicated sales team

Offload your quoting to us, and earn projects while you sleep

Scale your business without hiring more employees


Beautiful designs

Our interior designers create beautiful designs for your customers, free of charge

Build a gorgeous portfolio without any of the design or admin work

Professional photos of every project included


Products delivered to site

We deliver all of the products to site - saving you up to 10 hours of driving per week

Tell us when you need the products, and we coordinate and arrange delivery

We store most products in our warehouse, meaning they’re almost always available


No cost!

We make money on the sale of products, so our services are completely free to you

100% free service!

How it Works


Apply for an account

Our team will reach out to ask some questions about your business and make sure it's a good fit

Once you’re approved, we will set up your account and you can start receiving projects

How it works image 1

Start getting projects

We will begin to book projects for you based on your pricing and availability

You will be able to visit the project before approving the budgets and timeline

How it works image 2

Get paid

We process payments from our customers and payout contractors when certain milestones are reached

Maintain better cash flow with on-time payments

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Ready for more jobs, with half the work? Get started now!

Frequent Questions

What are the requirements for signing up?

Before we approve your account, we need to verify that you know what you’re doing. We typically require at least 3 recent customer references, photos of your previous work, your general liability insurance, and your business license. We will also need photos of your logo, a description of your business, and a headshot for your profile on our website

How many projects should I expect to get?

The number of projects you receive from us depends on 2 things - your prices and your reviews from customers. Customers are given a choice of contractors from our platform, so you will need to set yourself apart from the rest to get more projects. Most of our contractors get between 2 and 10 projects per month with us.

How much does it cost to sign up?

You don’t pay anything. We earn our profits from the sale of products, so you can get all of the benefits of our service for free. In the future, we may develop some useful tools and charge for them, but our core service will remain free.

How accurate are the quotes you make?

We have created an algorithm that uses over 100 data points to create extremely accurate quotes. With that said, we can’t catch everything so you will still need to check the jobsite before starting.

Can I use your service for my own customers?

Yes! If you send your customers to our sales team, we can provide the same services for them. Many of our contractors refer their own customers to us so that they can focus on what they do best - renovating.

How fast can I get started?

Our vetting process normally takes about a week as long as you provide all of the necessary documents. You can start getting projects as quickly as 2 weeks from signing up.

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